Starting today (27-3-2020) we have started using the GIVT app as an extra means for you to participate in our service in offering. The app is easy to intall and easy to use. Since we are not gathering together in a building but only online we are excited to offer you this new possibility.

download the app from the Appstore or Google Play and register. you just need to add email adress and account number and you are ready to give. Using the app is free of charge to you.


during the online service you can give using the app.

  1. at the time of offering open the app
  2. type in the amount you want to give and press next
  3. choose the 2nd option: QR code
  4. scan the QR code shown on screen
  5. press next to complete the gift and you are done.

alternatively you can give at any time by choosing the 3d option and find our church (lighthouse Aachen) from the list

When we start our regular services again you will also be able give using the app and option 1. we will inform you when we are able to meet again

more info you can find on:

download app from appstore here

download app from google play here