About Us

The Lighthouse Church (Lighthouse Christliches Zentrum, LCZ) evolved from a prayer group founded by several Indonesian students in the eighties. Initially, the focus of this prayer group was on the Indonesian people. Later, God gave them the vision to be a blessing to all nations.

We celebrate Sundays as a joyful occasion dedicated to Jesus. During the service, we praise God, rejoice in Jesus’ victory, and express gratitude for our salvation. The worship is free-flowing, allowing everyone to express their love for the Lord in their unique way. Services are at 10:30 am for the family and at 3 pm for the youth. Services are conducted in both English and German, followed by fellowship and a shared lunch.

Children are highly valued, with separate children services for them to experience God personally. These services take place at the same time as the family service (10:30 am) and are divided according to the age groups (Lions: 1-3 y.o., Lighthouse Kids: 4-10 y.o., Pre-Teens: 11-13 y.o.)

The Lighthouse Church is a part of the Association of Pentecostal Churches (Bund Freikirchlicher Pfingstgemeinden in German, BFP) and is closely connected in its network of churches. For more information about the BFP, please click on this link

Pastor Asien Kurniadi has been leading the Lighthouse Church for over 20 years alongside his wife, Juliana. His passion extends beyond the church itself; he is also dedicated to men’s ministry (Christian Men’s Network, CMN) and church planting in Germany and Europe (GROWEB). Over the years, he has traveled across European countries to support other churches, establish men’s ministries, and provide encouragement and guidance to fellow pastors and leaders.

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