At Lighthouse Church, we hold firm to the belief that embodying the lifestyle of following Christ extends far beyond our Sunday gatherings; it encompasses our daily obedience to His Word. Acknowledging the challenges inherent in this pursuit, we recognize the immense strength found in community. None of us are called to navigate this journey alone; rather, we are called to be interconnected and to find belonging within a spiritual family. Our Connect groups serve as a vital avenue for fostering this sense of community. Through these gatherings, we come together to worship, engage in meaningful discussions, and mutually enrich one another through the teachings of the Word. Below is a comprehensive list of all the Connect group meetings available at Lighthouse Church, each offering a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and fellowship.


Women CG [DE/EN]

For women

Children CG [DE]

For children ages 4-8 y.o.

Düren CG [DE]

For adults and young adults

Russian Women CG [RU]

For Russian speaking women


Vesi CG [DE]

For young adults

Björn & Christoph CG [DE]

For adults and seniors

James CG [EN]

For young men

Online Women CG [DE/EN]

For married women

Langerwehe/Düren CG [DE]

For adults and young adults (every 2 weeks)


Russian Men CG [RU]

For Russian speaking men

Teenager CG [DE]

For teenagers ages 14-18 y.o.

Men CG [EN/DE]

For men

Maria CG [EN]

For young adults

Esther CG [EN]

For students and young adults

Marina CG [EN]

For young adults

Franzi CG [DE]

For young adults under 25 y.o.

Elvis and Tabitha CG [EN]

For students