Church leadership at Lighthouse Church encompasses a team of dedicated individuals committed to fostering spiritual growth and community cohesion. Through collaborative efforts and shared vision, the leadership team provides guidance, support, and pastoral care to the congregation. Their collective wisdom and dedication serve to navigate challenges, facilitate meaningful worship experiences, and promote fellowship among members. Grounded in biblical principles and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the leadership team works diligently to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can find belonging and spiritual nourishment. Their servant leadership approach empowers the congregation to actively engage in the life of the church, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment to its mission and values. As stewards of the faith community, the leadership team exemplifies servant-hearted leadership, inspiring others to grow in their relationship with God and serve one another with love and compassion.

Ps Asien Kurniadi

Lead Pastor

Juliana Kurniadi

Women and pre-teens

Paul Hendriks

Family and men

Esther Hendriks


Maria Pradjakusuma

Welcoming & Connect Team

Ralitsa Ilieva

Youth and teenagers

Vesela Ilieva