Hygiene and infection protection concept of the Lighthouse Christian Center for Sunday services and other activities according to the CoronaSCHVO §1 paragraph 3 about religious practices from the 7th of January 2021, with the updated version from the 25th of January 2021 (as of Jan 2021) and updated on 8th of April 2022


  1. Disinfection procedures will be done before the service by the Order-team for the following points:
    1. The handrails of the staircase
    2. Toilets and sanitary rooms
    3. The seats and microphones in the service hall
    4. Door handles of the main entrance doors, service hall doors, sanitary room doors and toilet doors
  1. Disinfection dispensers are available for all attendees of the service:
    1. Next to the entrance floor on the ground floor.
    2. Next to the doors of the toilets.

Hygienic measures

  1. The hygiene regulations are:
    • Please do not come if you are sick or if you belong to the vulnerable group of people
    • Please wear either a medical or an FFP2-certified mask inside the church building area when you move around and during singing
    • Singing together is allowed with mask
    • During sermon the mask can be taken off if you want to.
    • No physical contact with each other
    • No changing seats before or during the service
    • No lunch & no coffee or tea after the service, therefore we would like to ask you to kindly leave the church area directly after the service
    • Please bring your own water bottle, open drink containers are not allowed inside the service hall
    • Please follow the instructions of the welcome team at all time

    Additionally, the following rules are pointed out for each service:

    • Holy Communion (1x every month): with disposable, pre-packaged individual portions that are given to visitors at the entrance
    • Giving and offering: Attendees are recommended to give through online methods, additionally a box will be placed close to the exit so that people can give by cash.
    • The Order-team will organize the order The orderly leaving of the building after the service is regulated by stewards who determine the order and ensure that the safety distance is maintained.

    Furthermore, those involved in the Order-team have been instructed about the hygiene regulations and they will monitor that the regulations are kept by the attendees and workers of the service in cooperation with the video and sound technicians, who are responsible to make sure that the hygiene regulations are kept for the workers on the stage.

  1. Information signboards
    At the entrance:

    • Obligatory use of either medical or FFP2-certified masks
    • Disinfection possibilities
  2.  Decision on whether to hold on-site services with attendees
    The latest version of the general CoronaSCHVO and also the additional rules for the city of Aachen that are currently in effect will be taken into consideration when deciding whether to hold on-site services with attendees. Changes regarding this point will be communicated through social media, email, WhatsApp, and other communication methods.Those responsible for the assembly have the obligation to be up to date with information about new aspects of the regulations, in accordance with the different levels of risk.